Legal and Law Firm Digital Marketing

Legal / Law Firm SEO & PPC

The legal field is highly competitive and requires special attention to help law firms gain visibility for their targeted areas of practice. The key is targeting the correct audience and key search terms using practiced research, and best practice SEO and PPC marketing.

  • We fine-tune website content.
  • We build Google Maps listing and citations.
  • We strengthen site authority.
  • We increase search visibility via PPC and SEO best practices.

Legal Case Study

SEO Growth Over TimeWith this legal office, the focus was on commercial law, personal injury, and wills and estates law. We developed a plan to optimized the website for target keywords, and added more content.
Analytics and AnalysisWe researched competitors to confirm search standing and best keyword targeting. Some of the tools we use focus the keyword research and help to show gaps in content on the legal website.
Authority and Visibility OrganicallyThe results as displayed here on the clients actual analytics shows that the site gained authority in search results and began showing on page one for key search terms. The orange line shows the organic traffic growth.

SEO & PPC Contracts

Our contracts make it easy to work with us. We recognize that clients do not want to be locked in for extended periods of time with no room to adjust or with no escape if there is an unexpected issue. Our 1 year contracts allow for flexible opt-out, and adjustment options at the 6 month mark. This allows time for the optimization to prove itself while still allowing freedom for our clients.

We have built a step-by-step SEO guide in the form of a FREE Trello board template designed completely for Lawyers and Law Firms. This board gives legal teams or their marketing employee(s) the ability to DIY the basics of their on-page search optimization for their website, It also includes some of the needed tools that all Legal websites should have enabled for the basics to be in place.

Legal teams who already have hired SEO services in place will not need to use this SEO Guide. However, it can be used as a reference that is helpful to anyone.

The guide is designed to be simple enough that large and small firms can benefit, and individual lawyers can also find it useful. Help access is available through a link in the workspace for the more difficult questions. This help is only available to the lawyers and law firms registered.


“Our law firm has been very pleased with Derek’s work over the past year +. The results have been terrific, and Derek is always available to explain some of the more technical aspects of SEO. Highly recommended!”

Kellen H.
Fabris Law
“Derek helped immensely, supporting us in our global reach and driving the appropriate investor groups to meet our funding targets. His efforts and knowledge in SEO and PPC played a crucial role in the influx of registered investors and visitors alike to our landing page.”

Vik T.
Indie Power Systems Inc.
“Thanks for all the great SEO work on my website!.”
Andrew T.
3D Laser Scanning