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Arneeon Media is a top SEO, PPC and SMM company located in Canada and serving North America. Vancouver, BC is a city near and dear to our heart as it is where it all started for Derek and eventually Arneeon Media. It is here that Derek cut his teeth on the early internet and began developing website and SEO skills.

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Though we are officially located on Vancouver Island, we help businesses gain top ranking visibility using best practice Search Engine Optimization methods in Vancouver and other cities across Canada and the US.

SEO is quickly becoming the most affordable and effective means of marketing a business and building a brand asset online, it is often overlooked for methods that are easier to grasp like pay-per-click advertising, banner ads and other online and offline means. But once understood, it truly becomes the foundational marketing strategy for smart business owners.

SEO Canada

Arneeon Media manages Google Adword campaigns for clients as well, and they are effective as a standard marketing method, but they are also temporary and add no authoritative value to a clients brand or site. SEO on the other hand assures that brand and visibility together with authority and recognition are built over time. This in turn builds an asset and moves a customers brand up the ranks on Google bringing long term visibility in the most natural way. Organic search has been shown to be 5 times more effective for marketing a business than PPC and other means of advertising. Article

Imagine you are looking for a very specific house to purchase. As a buyer, you have a vision of what you want (location, size, amenities, type of garage, type of kitchen etc.) If on your pursuit people keep handing you flyers, stuffing your mailbox, or placing brochures on your windshield with information on homes they feel you want which are not in the right location, or have too few rooms, or no garage … you tend to set them aside and tune them out and simply go and look at houses that you or your realtor know match your criteria. You may even see your dream home for sale while driving down the road and stop to take a picture and take down the number or call them on your cell phone right then and there.

This is the type of targeted traffic that SEO brings. We match key search phrases that best represent what your customers are looking for, and we get your website visible organically in their search at the exact moment they need you. Whether on mobile or desktop searches. Similar to the Vancouver real estate market, SEO in Vancouver can be quite competitive.


This video highlights the difference between pay-per-click advertising and search engine optimization.

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