CORA SEO Software Review and Discount Code

As an SEO junkie that has been caught up in staying on top of my game, tracking the latest Google algorithms. I am always adapting to the nuances of change ever in front of us. For this reason, I knew from the moment I saw CORA, I would be investigating and sharing my thoughts on the software.

Quality and trust are two closely related factors of SEO that make a huge difference in how Google and the other Search engines view and rank websites. So any software that can help you see deficiencies towards that end deserves notice.

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What Is CORA SEO Software?

Before I get right into the details, here is a summarized version (less than 10 minutes) of the Hour long interview I did Live on YouTube with Ted Kubaitis the creator and producer of CORA Software.



CORA is a “correlation” software that is designed to observe “right-now” data from search results for websites, pages etc. against its top 100 competitors for the keywords chosen. Phew that was a mouthful!  Essentially, it analyzes almost all on-page factors including some that have been discovered by the software itself and compares them quickly.  It then highlights suggested improvements in the SEO Roadmap report that it spits out.

The amount of data is enormous and is processed and dumped into an excel sheet.  Imagine over 520 ranking factor rows down the left side of the page and then over 100 rows of  website data distributed down the columns to the right. You will see me shaking my head looking at the matrix-like data spread in the video above and below.

But this enormous amount of numbers and tags, and code etc. is really there for the nerds among us who want to physically see the comparative data to back up the more simplified report that CORA produces.

The software presents its users with a fresh set of criteria that then be used to measure SEO factors. This allows us to see a proactive path we can take in our on-page work to move our site in a positive direction for improved search results.

That being said, it is quite technical and so I do not recommend it for any Joe or Cindy Website Owner.  To me this software is most suited and useful for SEO Agencies that are constantly analyzing sites, ranks and methodologies for their clients.


What Are The Benefits Of CORA?

Ted goes over this in his presentation in the videos. The Live video below has the full presentation details, but here is a breakdown with my own thoughts afterwards:

  1. Differentiate Your SEO Services From Others
  2. Know Your Own Deficiencies and Correct Them
  3. Have A More Accurate Cost Breakdown For The SEO Work You Do
  4. Know When You Can Stop Tuning For A Particular Keyword

The list above relates primarily to how the software benefits professional SEO’s and this is really the main focus of CORA.  I would like to add that the ability to analyze at any time and compare the site you are working on with the top 5 or 6 competitors is just plain cool. It gives a peace of mind in a sense because it shows you your next steps and allows you to make choices on which ones are really valid and which are not for your project.


What Are The Cons of Cora?

We have listed some of the Pros above, but what about the downfalls of CORA.  I have picked 3 Cons, and all three of them are being addressed in some way either right now or in the very near future:

  1. Not All On-Page Factors Are Addressed (Say What??? See below for details)
  2. The Download And Install Process Is A Bit Tedious And A Little Scary!
  3. The Monthly Price Is A Touch Steep And Difficult For Many SEOs To Keep Up With

So what do I mean when I say that the 520 + factors that CORA analyzes are not ALL of the on-page factors we need to be aware of? Well quite simply, CORA can’t analyze things like page load speeds, time to first byte, mobile responsiveness, Schema Markup usage etc.  Ted acknowledges this, but he is already working on a solution to help address some of these factors. He will do this by adding Chrome functionality which gives access to Googlebot-style data in his upcoming release (all releases are included with the purchase)

Ted is also addressing the installation issues.  Essentially the program comes packaged as an executable file that is unsigned.  This causes anti-virus software to completely freak out during the installation process.  I had to force mine to allow the program to install and not quarantine it for over 100 hours like it wanted to. Ted is addressing this by adding the signed licensing in an upcoming release. Hooray!!

The Price Barrier:  CORA is a SAAS (Software As A Service) program with a monthly fee in US dollars that is quite high compared to some other tools out there. But here is why it really is not that bad!!  It is constantly updated with all latest improvements . In the past year Ted has released a half dozen updates to the program which really shows a dedication to excellence. It is also unlimited, most other programs have locked tiers behind higher pay walls. And a further reason that the price barrier is no longer that much of a hindrance is that I am able to give you  25% off the monthly price … for the foreseeable future!

CORA 25% OFF Discount


The Interface of CORA

CORA has a simple GUI that looks similar to a browser window. You enter your search term, add your domain, choose a location for local search and then hit the “Get Data” button.  It will show you immediate search results with the terms highlighted, and then processes a report which could take minutes to process if the data is large and difficult to scrape.

CORA Software Interface

Main CORA Interface

The bottom window area shows the data progress and any errors during compiling etc. When completed it says “Done” and an excel file is saved into the directory you chose for output.  It contains a summarized “Roadmap” page with highlighted focal points, Overview page, Charts, LSI keywords, and piles of other data.


Can’t Afford CORA Right Now?

I have been authorized to offer a couple of options for you:

$25 CORA Simple Report

This is a report that I do for you. Just follow the link, submit one search term, your domain and preferred Google search location. I will run a report and send it to you with no further info.

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$99 CORA Report And Analysis

I run a report for you, analyze it and give you a written run down of the main things to focus on. Submit one main search term, your URL, and the preferred Google search location.

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Live CORA Interview Video: Ted shares about CORA, does some free reports from our viewers site submissions, and answers some questions.

CORA 25% OFF Discount


Overall Derek SEO Rating of CORA SEO Software:

4 out of 5 Lions