CORA Lite Review

CORA Lite SEO Software

CORA Lite SEO Software Review


SEO Tool Lab has done it again by pivoting during economic uncertainty, to reduce the cost of their flagship SEO analysis software and bring us CORA Lite. They cut the price in half and created a fantastic version of CORA that has become known over the past few years as a great on-page SEO tool.  See my CORA review for details. Not only is it half price, but there is a discount code that can be used at checkout to reduce the price by an additional 10% continuously. Use Code: CORALITE10

What is CORA Lite?

CORA Lite is a robust SEO correlational software that analyzes live data of the top 100 competitor pages in the SERPs (Search Engine Rank Placements) . Just like its big brother, CORA, it compacts the results into a Roadmap report that will tell you hundreds of ranking factors that your site needs to tweak to match the top competitors. This is a tool that every SEO needs in their toolbox.  Also good for those that are working on their own SEO DIY projects.

CORA Lite 13 minute Overview Video

Benefits Of CORA Lite

  • Fast HTML based reporting output to a folder of your choice on your computer
  • Works with both Mac and PC
  • Looks at the top 100 competitors, but lets you pick the most important 10 to tweak your site against
  • Reports can be fully white labelled for outreach and client reporting
  • Lays out a roadmap in descending order with the top priority on page ranking factors listed first so you can choose which adjustments you will use
  • Is half the price of full CORA ($250/mth)- CORA Lite is $125/mth and there is a discount with discount code CORALITE10 go to and add the coupon code at checkout. Alternatively you can go straight to the checkout here CORA Lite
CORA Lite Report Example
CORA Lite Report Roadmap

Full CORA Lite Interview with Ted Kubaitis

Ted was nice enough to provide a 10% discount on CORA Lite which further makes this product a no-brainer just be sure to use Discount Code: CORALITE10 at the checkout:

CORA Lite Discount Code: CORALITE10

Also please be aware that users paying for the full version of CORA get CORA Lite included for running those quick roadmap and outreach reports.

Full CORA with 25% Discount

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