TTEO – A Study In Becoming TikTok Famous – TikTok Optimization SEO

TikTok For You Algorithm Hacks

How Do You Go Viral On TikTok? What Are The Ranking Factors On The TikTok App? Many are searching for the formula to become TikTok famous, or how to get featured on the ForYouPage. This article is a live investigation into ranking factors and testing of TikTok variations to document what works and what doesn’t. … Read more

PPC Showdown – Derek Against The Machine

Google Ads PPC Showdown

The Challenge Google has been pushing the envelope of fairness on many fronts leading to recent Antitrust investigations. This has been happening across Search related services. Paid Search is no exception. Google has moved into the territory of PPC Specialists by offering to run campaigns for business small and large with automated services. Meanwhile they … Read more

Paid Search BenchMarks 2018

PPC Industry Benchmarks

Wordstream has published their latest Google AdWords Benchmarks for 2018. Infact,  the post was updated moments ago and continues to be updated regularly. Once again it contains great overview averages for everything from Click Through Rates (CTRs) to Average Cost Per Action CPA for categorized Industries as shown below. Having standard benchmarks helps marketers confirm … Read more

White Hat and Black Hat SEO 2017

White Hat vs Black Hat SEO

While You Were Away, White Hats and Black Hats Took Over Victoria, BC– And Blessed A Suffering Child? The first White Hat Vs Black Hat SEO Symposium conference took place on August 28th and 29th  in the beautiful Capital city of Victoria BC, Canada. SEO Ninjas, Gurus, Magicians and whatever other hyped adjective you can … Read more

Dead Said Fred – the Google Fred Update

Google Fred Update

In early March, SEO Specialists and internet strategists noticed some ripples of fluctuation spreading across the SERP sea. Feeling queasy from the waves they immediately began to ask Google influencers what was happening. The “Fred” nickname for the alleged Google algorithm update came from a Tweet by Gary Illyes, Google Web Trends analyst, where he … Read more

Top Image Resources and Tools of 2017

2017 Best Pic Resources

Image Resource Hubs Sometimes you need a graphic for a blog article or presentation that helps to define your subject matter in a visual way. A picture is worth a thousand words right?  But where can you get images that don’t charge you a monthly fee to gain access or better yet, where can you … Read more