Google Ads PPC Showdown

PPC Showdown – Derek Against The Machine

The Challenge

Google has been pushing the envelope of fairness on many fronts leading to recent Antitrust investigations. This has been happening across Search related services. Paid Search is no exception. Google has moved into the territory of PPC Specialists by offering to run campaigns for business small and large with automated services. Meanwhile they continue encouraging PPC Specialists to become fully trained with Ads Academy certifications and to offer full Google Ads management services to their clients. Derek has had enough of the under-handed tactics of the mega giant!

The Showdown!

Derek Rogers and Arneeon Media are about to take on Google’s AI Machine, Google Adwords Express. But first we need two businesses in similar locations with the same service and marketing criteria that Derek will run ads for with no management fee.  The businesses need to agree that they will be participating in a documented showdown in which one campaign will be fully managed by a qualified PPC Specialist. While the other will be run by Google’s automated service. Both businesses will run with the same spend amount.

Fill out the form if you are a business willing to participate. You will receive free PPC management during the 2 month Showdown.  (If you simply wish to start up a PPC or SEO campaign scroll down to the bottom of this page)

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