PPC Industry Benchmarks

Paid Search BenchMarks 2018

Wordstream has published their latest Google AdWords Benchmarks for 2018.

Infact,  the post was updated moments ago and continues to be updated regularly. Once again it contains great overview averages for everything from Click Through Rates (CTRs) to Average Cost Per Action CPA for categorized Industries as shown below.

Having standard benchmarks helps marketers confirm that they are on track to either meet or exceed the nationwide standards for their particular industry. But are they accurate?

2018 PPC Industry Benchmarks
Image Source: Wordstreams Google AdWords Benchmarks post

As PPC Specialists and Google Partners we strive to meet or exceed top performance ratings for our PPC clients using best practice. Typically this is easy to achieve as there are so many in the market that really have no idea what they are doing or simply do not understand the metrics and stats they need to analyze to achieve the best results. Let alone the importance of negative keywords and ad extensions.

Wordstream provides a great insight to many paid search strategies and info for PPC geeks and we like to highlight great info wherever it can be found online. Wordstream has been collecting and comparing this data for several years not and they do a good job of presenting averages. So are they accurate? Well, there are lots of fluctuations across industries, areas and demographics. But the key here is to remember they are averages that present broad data with which to compare and improve your own PPC strategies.

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